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The Process

Design development
Meet to present myself and what we offer.

Explore feasibility and identify the need for the service delivering an initial review.

Help you write the brief defining the objectives.

Research your business and sector.

Ask the right questions.

Deliver creative detailed costs.
Presentation of initial creative visual ideas.

Propose mood boards that conjure up the essence of the brief.

Consider typography, imagery, colours.

Work tightly within brand guidelines where applicable.

Deliver detailed costs for implementation.

Consider third party services such as photography or image licensing

We look to improve our service by regularly engaging with our clients.

We act as guardians for our brands making sure they are applied correctly.

We make sure websites are fully tested and configured addressing any ongoing bugs.

We don't stop working for you.
Approved designs are prepared for final output.

Websites are built to specification and uploaded for testing.

Branding and print is art-worked and supplied in press ready format ready.
Get inclusive feedback and develop the selected designs

Apply the designs to example situations.

Finalise typography, imagery, colours.

Explore legal implications

Review costs based on feedback.

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